Teleios Ministries

Sin, Blood, Death & Propitiation 9/29/2020

September 30, 2020

The blow must fall; for the wages of sin is death, and without the shedding of blood there is no remission. But it falls on the substituted life. The dead covers the living. The living is ransomed, pardoned, set free. Such covering is essentially propitiatory covering; substitution is of its essence. Any possible abuse of this fundamental Hebrew concept; will be averted by doing careful and equal justice to the entire Levitical ritual. The offerer consents to the substitution ; and by himself or his representative takes an essential part in the transfer of the penalty of the sin which he confesses. Man consents; Yahweh consents. The substitutionary death is, granted by Yahweh: it is accepted by man. It is accepted under the solemn stipulation that the spared life shall be wholly consecrated to the holy and merciful Yahweh who brings near this costly salvation. One thing is wanting in the ritual the consent of the substitute. Nay; a second thing is missing, adequacy of value in the substituted. Be it so! Then when a substitute shall appear who shall willingly bear the sin of the world, and be worthy to bear it; and Yahweh consents and ordains; and man consents and accepts; then the whole Ideal of Propitiatory Covering will be complete. It remains for the World  and. for the Individual to carry the matter to its practical consummation.

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