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Romans 1 & 2 1/20/2021

Romans 1 & 2 1/20/2021

January 21, 2021

Romans shows the importance of the demonstration of Power, which enables the unbeliever to become a believer. Also, Romans 1:18 proves that there are no atheist or agnostics, but all will be judged according to there works. What about those who have never had access to the Word of Yahweh? Can they be saved? These questions will also be answered.

Chronological Events of Moses 1/13/2021

Chronological Events of Moses 1/13/2021

January 14, 2021

Chronological Events of Moses' Life

1.) Moses birth plus 3 months (Ex. 2:1-7)

            (Aaron 3 years (Ex. 7:7) older, while Miriam must be 5-10 years older than Moses (Ex. 2:1-7))

2.) Moses 40 years old leaves Egypt (Acts 7:23)

3.) Moses 80 years old goes back to Egypt (Ex. 7:7)

            (Aaron 83 years old)

1st Year

4.) Calendar begins: 1st month 14th day; Passover Abid (Nisan) 14th (Ex. 12:2, (Num. 33:3)

            (Left Egypt on the 15th of Nisan, Feast of Unleavened Bread.)

            (Tishri moved from the 1st month to the 7th month.)

5.) 2nd month, 15th day, entered desert of Sin (Ex. 16:1)

            (Manna comes (Ex. 16:4)) (Water from Rock at Rephidim & war with Amalek (Ex. 17)

            (Moses' father-in-law Jethro (Ex. 18)

6.) 3rd month entered the desert of Sinai (Ex. 19:1)

            (10 Commandments Ex. 20))

            Moses going up to Mount Sinai

            Ascents                        Descents

            1st 19:3-6                      19:7-8

            2nd 19:8-13                   19:14-19

            3rd 19:20-24                  19:25

            4th 24:9-32:14                32:15-30

            5th 32:31-33                  32:34-34:3

            6th 34:4-28                    34:29-35


                                                                        2nd Year

7.) 1st month, 1st day (Ex. 40:2, 17)

            (Rear the Tent of Meetings) (Then did the cloud cover the tent of meeting,—and, the glory of Yahweh,             filled the habitation; (Ex. 40:34)

8.) 1st month (Num. 9:1-5)

            (1st Passover in the wilderness (Nisan 14th).)  (Guiding Cloud (Num. 9:15-23))

9.) 2nd month, 1st day (Num. 1:1)

            (Then spake Yahweh unto Moses, in the desert of Sinai, in the tent of meeting...) (Numbering the       men             (Num.   1:18))

10.) [Leviticus comes between the 1st day of 1st month & 20th day of 2nd month (Priesthood) (Num. 3:4, 10:12; Lev. 10:1)]

11.) 2nd month, 20th day (Num. 10:11)

            (The Cloud lifted itself up...left wilderness of Sinai...3 day journey (Num. 10:11, 33)

12.) Events up to Miriam's death, the 40th year: (Murmuring of the People, quail. (Num. 11)) (Miriam & Aaron slander Moses (Num. 12)) (Spies sent to the land of Canaan (Num. 13)) (Land of Canaan rejected, 40 year wandering, spies cursed (Num. 14)) (Korah and others judged (Num. 16)) (Aaron's staff budded (Num. 18)) (All men die by the 38th year from leaving Kadesh-barnea (2nd year to the 40th year) (Deu. 2:14))


                                                                        40th Year

13.) 1st month (Num. 20:1)

            (Miriam dies, desert of Zin (Num. 20:1)) (Waters of Meribah (Num. 20:7-13))

14.) 5th month, 1st day (Num. 20:22-29, 33:38))

            (Aaron dies on Mount Hor (Num. 20:25) (Deu. 10:6, 32:50)) (The seraph serpents (Num. 21))       Balaam             & Balak (Num. 22)) Daughters of Moab, Balaam dies (Num. 25)) (Moses warned of           his death, anoints           Yahoshua (Num. 27:12-23)) (Killed Sihon and Og (Deu. 1:4))

15.) 11th Month, 1st day (Deu. 1:3)

            (Retrospect of their journey) (Forty years, loathed I that generation, So I said—A people going astray in             heart, they are, Even they, have not known my ways! And I sware in mine anger,—Verily they shall not             enter into my rest. (Ps. 95:10-11, 106:6-33)) (Moses dies 120 yr. old (Deu. 34:7))

Fear Not! I Am Yahweh! 1/6/2021

Fear Not! I Am Yahweh! 1/6/2021

January 7, 2021

January 6, 2021 is a historic day, where it a appears that the USA has been overthrown by the powers of darkness, from within and without but Yahweh says, "Do not fear, for, with thee, I am! Look not around, for, I, am thy God,—I have emboldened thee, Yea I have helped thee, Yea I have upheld thee, with my righteous, right-hand" (Is. 41:10).

Paul’s Life Lessons 12/30/2020

Paul’s Life Lessons 12/30/2020

December 31, 2020

Yahweh, through the book of Acts, supply use with Paul's blindness, conversion, empowerment, stubborness, relentlessness, disappointments and the completion of his ministry.

What Does Yahweh Want for Christmas? 12/23/2020

What Does Yahweh Want for Christmas? 12/23/2020

December 24, 2020

What does the malefactor on the cross, blind Bar-Timaeus, and the Canaanite woman have in common?

The Resurrection is the Pinnacle of Christianity 12/16/2020

The Resurrection is the Pinnacle of Christianity 12/16/2020

December 17, 2020

The resurrection is the pinnacle of Christianity, as Paul said, "If the dead are not raised, Let us eat and drink, for, tomorrow, we die." The adversary, along with the Christian Church has nullified this hope by replacing it with, "When our body dies, we are with Jesus," making the resurrection and the New Earth obsolete, thereby creating a new doctrine, as did the prophet, Aaron, when he made his calf for the people. All the people, who have died, are asleep, awaiting Christ's return. For some, they will receive a glorified immortal body, while others will eventually be resurrected to be thrown into the Lake of Fire, the Second Death.      

Yahweh’s Universe 12/9/2020

Yahweh’s Universe 12/9/2020

December 10, 2020

Goliath was small compared to Yahweh's might! Our problems are small compared to the Might of Yahweh. "What, then, shall we say to a these things? If God is for us, who shall be against us? He, at least, who his own Son did not spare, but in behalf of us all delivered him up, how shall he not also, with him, all things upon us in favour bestow" (Rm. 8:31-32)?

Fruit of the Spirit 12/2/2020

Fruit of the Spirit 12/2/2020

December 3, 2020

Sowing into the ruah (spirit) produces the 9 fruits.

Yahweh’s Tuning Fork, Spirit 11/25/2020

Yahweh’s Tuning Fork, Spirit 11/25/2020

November 26, 2020

The communications from Yahweh are through the spirit we have received. "For, as many as by Yahweh’s spirit are being led, the same, are Yahweh’s sons,— For ye have not received a spirit of servitude, leading back into fear, but ye have received a spirit of sonship, whereby we are exclaiming—Abba! Oh Father! The Spirit itself, beareth witness together with our spirit that we are children of Yahweh" (Rom. 8:14-16)

Fidelity to Yahweh at all Cost 11/18/2020

Fidelity to Yahweh at all Cost 11/18/2020

November 19, 2020

Complaisance and Compromise corrupts Yahweh's will, as is done in the Church today. All pastors would disapprove of Aaron compromising with the people to build them a idol, but these same pastors are following in his paths with compromises in the Word of Yahweh. Become a Moses and refuse to bend to compromise!

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